What is JobAnalytics?

Accurate Wage Decision System with Artificial Intelligence

JobAnalytics offers Human Resources Analytics Solutions, closely following experienced methodologies, current application trends and new technologies; It is a SaaS HR-Tech (HR Analytics) solutions platform that has been developing online practical solutions since 2019 and works with machine learning and deep learning-based artificial intelligence algorithms and current web technologies.

The JobAnalytics platform, which launched its first products with the JobAnalytics EVA PRO solution in the fields of Job Analyzes, Job Descriptions, Job Evaluation and Fair Wage Management System in 2020, continues to meet all the needs of SMEs and Large-Scale organizations in the field of Wage Management.

It can be put into operation very quickly with its infrastructure that can be integrated with widely used Human Resources and Payroll applications. Our solutions, which support 7 different languages, aim to expand and grow in the local and global market.


Where are JobAnalytics EVA PRO Solution Outputs Used?

  • Organizational Changes
  • In determining the wage level of existing jobs
  • In determining the wage level of new jobs
  • Combination of Works
  • Separation of Work
  • Job Enrichment
  • Promotion
  • Temporary Assignment
  • Project management
  • Reward
  • Performance management
  • Career planning
  • Special Situations/Crisis Periods where the Definition of the Job changes rapidly
JobAnalytics invites you to its unique customer and user experience in its success journey that continues to grow with its customers.


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